ADHD is forgetting a word or a name or a song title halfway through a sentence and going on with the conversation without it, then suddenly figuring it out like two days later apropos of nothing and blurting it out in an unrelated conversation.

ADHD is preferring texting to phone calls because its easier to keep your thoughts straight if they’re written out, and if you forget a word you can google it.

ADHD is being really tired and lying in bed with your eyes closed and not moving a muscle for 4 hours but you just. cant. sleep.

Alternatively, ADHD is being really tired and TRYING to lie in bed without moving, but then suddenly every part of your body is too hot or too cold or too itchy, and your arm’s falling asleep, and your hair feels weird under your head, and then its been an hour so you just give up.

ADHD is being able to watch twelve 10 minute episodes of something, but not two 60 minute episodes of something.

ADHD is always having a notification to update your computer software because you always have too much stuff open, and when you finally don’t you forget to update.

ADHD is remembering all sorts of obscure details about your friend that they mentioned offhand 3 years ago, but forgetting their name regularly.

ADHD is ranting for literal hours about something that no one but you thinks is cool, and you know you should probably stop, but you just keep thinking of new things related to it and you can’t think about anything else.

ADHD is always having one song or another stuck in your head because if anything even remotely sounds kinda vaguely like a lyric from it if you tilt your head and squint from a distance, you WILL make the connection.

ADHD is having people look at you weird when you switch topics halfway through a conversation because you just made a weird connection like that.

ADHD is getting praised for your deep insight about symbolism and juxtaposition and ironic echoes and allusions in english class because when you read something you immediately thought of something similar that you read six years ago, but still failing the tests because you just can’t phrase it right and when you forget a word on a test you can’t use pantomime to get it across.

ADHD is knowing all the material and having a lot of opinions and insights about it, but somehow still being unable to make yourself write an essay about it.

ADHD is only meaning to send one of these, but then you saw the word apropos and thought about how much wider your vocabulary is when typing and how you prefer texting, and then noticing its 1am and you have insomnia again, and then…