pardon my french but your game is a fucking embarassment when this is a skin tone chart

I’m probably going to receive much backlash for this, but I really need to say this. Literally the reason the skin for the blood elves is white with little variation is because of the freaking Sunwell, which gave the blood elves their energy. Before this, some thousands of years ago they actually had purple skin. Purple. This is supported by the gamepedia wiki for World of Warcraft, which states this, “They became known as high elves. During this time [after the Great Sundering], they created the Sunwell, and switched to a diurnal waking cycle. Their purple skin eventually faded to a pale peach color, like that of some humans and dwarves. Some sources imply this was a near-instantaneous transformation that occurred during the Sunwell’s creation.” The skin color changed because of the creation of the sunwell, and it mentions that their sleeping habits changed to let them be awake in the day, so their skin lightened significantly. That’s why you won’t see any purple-skinned elves, or any other color besides the white colors.

thank goodness the creators included a scientific explanation for why having dark-skinned blood elves in their fantasy game would be unrealistic

Youre right, that is ridiculous. The correct response is blood elves are white because fuck you, they’re white. Make a damn night elf character.

People who know WoW lore > sjw peasants

>People complain why belves can’t be dark-skinned

>”I want to identify with my character, M-muh diversity!”

>”Night elves don’t count!”

>Don’t want to make a troll character where this race resembles a mixture of african/polynesian/aztecan cultures with an interesting and better lore than elves. because probably they look “ugly” in appareance.

Bullshit, fucking narcissistic assholes.

High elves evolved from Night elves. were absorbed by their addiction of arcane magic from the Sunwell and that’s why high elves change their purple skin to white. Go back to read some WoW lore. 

Besides, Elves AREN’T humans, stop fucking comparing with them, and of course High elves can’t have black features like humans do. If you want black features go complain about Mag’har orcs being playable or black features for the human race.

but hey, Trolls are part of elven evolution, why not play a troll instead blood elf? just sayin’.