Tim frowned into the mirror. Teal eyes with snake like pupils stared back, fluctuating in size as the old light in the bathroom began to flicker. The smell of previous residents filled his nostrils, causing his lips to curl in disgust, letting his dagger shaped teeth peek out.

“I look ridiculous.” He muttered harshly under his breath.

Why couldn’t he retain his human appearance? He had tried everything, mediating, breathing exercises, hell, he even slept in, hoping the extra rest would give him the boost he needed to keep his normal shape.

Taking his finger to the side of his mouth, he pulled back the skin until his teeth and gums were visible. His molars were still flat, but they gradually became sharper and longer as they neared towards the front of his lips. His canines hurt the most, being far too large for his human mouth to hold, making his jaw ache terribly.

He didn’t flinch when he heard a loud, raspy yawn next to him.
Kon stood in the bathroom doorway, shirtless, hair ruffled, wearing only his boxers. The exhausted meta yawned again, blinking bleary against the bathroom light.

“What the hell are you doing?” Kon asked, sleep still thick on his voice.

“I’m trying to get my teeth and eyes back to normal.” Tim grumbled, still glaring at the mirror as tiny black scales began to pepper his cheeks. “The sunglasses and the ‘not talking thing’ is starting to get annoying.”

Kon stared at him for a moment before a deep blush began to spread across his face. He awkwardly coughed, scratching his stomach in a sad attempt to look casual.

“Um, I would be more concerned about your tail at the moment.”

Tim froze. Like a switch he could now feel the long appendage waving lazily behind him, the cool air tickling his lower back as the new appendage pulled his pants down.

“Fuck!” Tim sputtered, grabbing his jeans before he lost his remaining dignity. It didn’t help when he started to hear Kon snort, a warm chuckle bubbling from the meta’s chest as Tim tried his best to will this whole mess away.