Yo, how y’all forgetting this one!!

Well if we’re doing obscure…

Um, excuse me?

Sailor moon& Inuyasha 😀

Full metal alchemist the original was also there too! pretty much anything on adult swim XD

and grudguingly naruto *mumbles* agshfjkl;

i thought this was going to be an old school/obscure anime post then someone put sailor moon, inuyasha and naruto like??

there’s a whole generation that watched Voltron and Samurai Pizza Cats.

I ah.  Don’t remember much about it but there was some weird dubbed adaptation called Robotech, and yeah that was mine.  I think they cobbled it together out of two or more actual animes and then sorta strung it together or the like.

Robotech was butchered out of three different animes but the one everyone remembers is Macross (the best of the three)

I vaguely remember the original syndicated run but mainly caught it the second time around in the early days of Sci-Fi Channel when they would show anime early Saturday mornings. I want to say it was 91/92-ish

Were I to reach back into the depths of my memory, I think technically mine would be:

(Though the first anime that I watched which I knew *as* anime would be Ranma ½.)