So I’m currently in kind of a really bad, unhealthy living situation, and I’ve been trying not to say anything because I’m afraid my ex (who I currently live with) will see it. (Which is why I left my last Tumblr, and I’m pretty sure a lot of my followers have picked up on my art style.)

I’m not really going to go into too much detail, but I just recently got up the nerve to leave him after a few really bad months (I’m sure you guys remember me trying to make our rent after he spent all of our money and stuck me with the bills) and I’m trying to make it through my last 6 days here with as little drama as possible.

But as of right now, I’ve got next to nothing I can eat, and he and his brother are bringing home a bunch of fast food and stuff and only feeding themselves. I’m really hungry, and I had to spend all of my money to get my things into storage yesterday. (I had to buy a bigger unit than initially intended.)

His brother owes me $100 for the window he broke, and he was supposed to pay me back, and is now refusing to do so. 

I’m offering commissions to try to get money to feed myself for the next few days, if anyone would be interested in some art from me.

Here’s some examples of the quality:

My prices are:

Feel free to direct message me here if interested, or send me an email at sansunari@outlook.com