A shame you aren’t brave enough to put your name to this Anon. The information was from Mr. Metzen’s tumblr and Mr. Metzen has a history of saying lore damaging things so in the spirit of writing my response I addressed it directly to him as a writer may do for fluidity sake. For many of us who cherish lore, his comments are a sore spot and it makes perfect sense to do so. Moving on. I believe I made my own feelings clear on how I personally bend my own lore needs to rp with a large majority of the WrA community because as a general rule other people do not *appear* to hold the same standards. I like our community in the main and enjoy the RP shenanigans that we get up to. If I did not then I obviously wouldn’t do it. If my post appeared angry then you placed feelings that aren’t there and since I have a large portion of people on this Tumblr who have never RP’d with me, do not know me personally and you didn’t put your name I’m going to go out on a limb and assume you don’t actually know me. Annoyance would be more accurate which in fact is not anger. I get angry at people who do mean things like call Ms. Gampre fat. Or cause bad things to happen in the WrA community for no reason. You read shame into a message that is a personal opinion. Perhaps you’re the half blue half black half bronze half…you get the idea. I don’t shame, I would simply choose not to interact. Which I have done and is my right as an RPer. Just like I choose not to interact with certain characters because they’re complete and total assholes and RPing with them is just too frustrating to deal with. The whole point here is that when someone like Metzen who has on many, many, many occasions in public made disparaging comments concerning lore it gives the game base, those new people you mentioned, the idea that there *isn’t* any which simply is not true. And that is personally frustrating to someone like me who has a serious love of said lore. So there is no anger nor shame. Only a general disgust at a man like Metzen for jacking things he shouldn’t, especially when he no longer works for Blizzard and a personal (read that one again Anon) love of something and desire to incorporate it into my own RP which is difficult due to things just like this. So please sign your post next time so I can actually know who I’m taking to and we can really have a chat because I love lore, love to learn more of it and would happily talk about it. But don’t put emotion into my post please and thank you. 

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this is the funniest fucking thing i have ever read

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