Lore is MALLEABLE. Have you seen this game? we got motorcycles, space goats, a moon god that fucked a stag, talking pandas, coffee shops, zombie apocalypses, capitalist goblins, a dragon toddler made out of three dead baby dragons and a titanic relic, TIME TRAVEL, a king split into two separate versions of himself then fused back together, elune fucked a deer, an orc went back 10k years in time and wounded sargeras, selfie cameras, SPACE TRAVEL, auction house raves, vogue runway transmog shows, a giant floating city, and ELUNE HAD A CHILD WITH MALORNE, A STAG

there aren’t rules. rules are broken every day in this game. there are talking monkeys. murlocs. arguing why something can’t work in this universe is like sticking your head in a toaster. your head doesn’t fit, you think it will, but you’re burning yourself you idiot. stop it.

Prepare to be disagreed with Mr. Metzen. Anyone who knows your career and your influence in the Blizzard gaming industry knows what you’ve done with World of Warcraft lore. And if you are lore lover such as myself we really don’t enjoy it very much. There is non malleable cannon lore. You worked on the books that finally, much to lore lovers satisfactions and delight, put it down. They’re called The World of Warcraft Chronicles Volumes 1 & 2. There are also numerous books and short stories that fall under the area of cannon lore, for those of us who happen to VALUE said thing. You can find them here, right here, at this link. https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-us/story

Now here’s the thing Mr. Metzen. You’re the problem with people who have NO clue that there’s even a base set of lore in this game to begin with. And who wail and scream and kick their feet about paying their bloody $15 and damn well can make a half blue half black half green half broanze half elf half mage if they want. This isn’t Dungeons and Dragons. There are precedents and then there’s just stupid foolish. I do not demand my fellow rpers on WrA to bend to my rather strict ideas of lore. But it doesn’t mean that I don’t wish to the Wow Gods that people didn’t pick up a bloody book when I read a few Trps and curse you when I do it.

I like how the hill you want to die on is a story with lore where a moon goddess shagged a stag.

(FYI the lore in those books didn’t even make it through an entire expac.)