If you read the book, Stephen King specifically says that IT (the shape-shifting monster also known as Pennywise) is female and pregnant. This is why the Losers’ Club has to come back and finish what they started when they were kids. 

However, IT chooses primarily male forms or genderless forms to kill and terrorize the children with. 

So, IT specifically chooses to fluctuate between female, male, and genderless presentations, making IT genderfluid.

Pennywise for genderfluid Icon!


  • Is an ancient, eldritch being from another dimension with a form that humans cannot even begin to comprehend and is, thus, unlikely to give a fuck about gender
  • Can shapeshift into people’s worst fears and does so frequently to terrorize its victims
  • Feeds off of fear
  • Literally tears children


    and eats them

  • Keeps an entire town under a spell in which no adults can truly recognize the suffering of children, even when they’re being assaulted, sexually abused, abducted, and murdered
  • Delights in the violent, homophobic assault of a gay man before taking the man from his attackers and ripping him apart while his lover watches
  • Delights in racist violence and was fueled by the KKK’s presence in Derry, as well as a white supremacists’ torching of a black nightclub

the “Babadook is a gay icon” thing was a joke born from a technical error on Netflix. let’s… not associate evil, child eating monsters with LGBT+ people maybe

Thank God iwilleatyourenglish is tackling this because I was getting to my last fucking nerve.

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Imagine having an idea or opinion as bad as the OP’s.