Headshot Commissions Part Two!

I’ll once more be accepting submissions via email, I’ll let you know via email if I’ve picked your commission!

Just as a heads up cause moods and circumstances can be unpredictable, I apologise in advance if theres moments there aren’t any updates.

I promise I haven’t forgotten about your picture and will continue as soon as I’m able, I tend to wait some ‘moods’ out until I continue due to not wanting the picture to suffer because of this.

More info:

  • All submissions are done via my e-mail
  • Payments are done via Paypal and are in Euros!
  • Please refrain from asking for complex armor pieces, to protect both you and myself from long waiting times, please keep the designs simple!
  • Please include as many refrences as your able, descriptions to faceclaims anything you can gather is helpful.
  • Please include your Tumblr and/or Twitter in your email so I can link to your page afterwards (and I know how to find you).
  • Please read my Terms of Service to see what I will and will not be drawing/accepting for commissions. Submissions that do not follow my ToS will not be accepted.
  • I DO NOT do reservations of any kind, once submisions are closed I will not be taking new ones until next batch!
  • I try to complete commissions as soon as I’m able, you can check the progress of your picture in the Commission Queue linked HERE.
  • Simple questions can be done via Tumblr for quick replies but it’s preferable to send information via e-mail so I can check it later.

I’ll be accepting submissions until Wednesday the 20th (TIMER HERE), however depending on interest this might change.

For any more questions please ask, besides that, thanks for your interest!

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