I wish I was a teenager in the early 2000s so I could listen to Avril Lavigne and wear super bad fashions and think flip phones are cool tbh. The 2010s were so boring to be a teenager it was full of iphones and shit. Why can’t we go back to the 2000s

i feel you so fucking hard

was gwen stefani’s hollabackgirl over here xD and like akon and shit and using gotdam floppy disks to steal music from the school’s shared drive

… Stop making me feel old.

I was downloading .aiff files off Gopher sites and part of a webring…

I was, and I did, and it wasn’t that great. 😛

I am gonna reblog this with an actual screenshot of how not great it was:

Just imagine that every mp3 download you had took at least 20 minutes, if it started at all or didn’t time out in the middle.  It’d take almost twice as long if someone tried to download from you while you were doing this. Oh and you better hope that whatever it was you were downloading was the actual file b/c you had to go through this process all over again if it wasn’t