okay PLEASE for the LOVE OF GOD buy some commissions

I just had my first art class today and spent $100 dollars in art supplies.

How many items did I get?


And I have 2 more studio classes this semester. One of them has a $70 dollar printing fee that’s mandatory.

I legit can’t afford to go get cleaning supplies or drinks until I go home to see my parents. Thank God they’re willing to help me. I know there’s a lot of students out there who can’t even get that help.

This great picture up here? You can get one just like it for $60 dollars normally,

BUT because I REALLY need money, I’ll bump it down to $45 dollars!

PLEASE buy some. Until I know how high the demand is, I’ll open 5 slots!






Other commissions are available HERE.

If you want to help but can’t spend that kind of money, I do have a KO-FI account! Buy me 3 or more coffees and you’ll get a thank you sketch of a character of your choice!