ok but tbh i feel bad for illidan, like xe’ra was trying to change him and trying enforce a destiny on him he didn’t ask for so i totally get why illidan reacted as he did

ily illidan

Illidan brought Argus into Azeroth’s skies and forced the entire world into a war that could literally destroy everyone on the planet without asking anyone if they wanted to do it and smugly said he was forcing the hand of fate.

I’m not sure if you noticed, but the Burning Legion has been invading all expac and the entire world has been in a war that could literally destroy everyone on the planet before he did that.

The portal in the tomb was closed, the Legion invasion was over outside of clean-up duty. Would there have likely been a new invasion some years in the future? Sure, the Legion kind of has nothing better to do. Did Illidan still remove the choice of continuing the war from everyone, and in fact escalate it to even more catastrophic levels? Yes.

The parallel is the removal of choice, both decisions were wrong.

Somehow I doubt they were flying Legion space ships through the portal in the Tomb of Sargeras; closing the portal in the tomb wouldn’t exactly stop that. So the invasion wasn’t exactly over.