Hey everybody, IT’S THAT TIME AGAIN. Thank you for all the inquiries about when I’ll be open again– luckily, the new semester is right around the corner, and I’ll need some books and tuition help, and commission some folks in need as well!

CHIBI COMMISSIONS: $25 USD, $15 USD extra each
BUST COMMISSIONS: $35 USD, $55 for pair/couple

If you’d like to browse through my art tag to see what you might be getting, go right on ahead, or send me an ask with any questions!

Email me at lzugeldergraphics@gmail.com to inquire, and send me all the refs you think I’ll need!! I will only be taking three slots at a time to save on waiting time. ;;;w;;; Sorry about any inconveniences in the past!!


Thank you for commissioning and/or boosting me!