@ all my friendos who I keep rambling to about Gundam Wing lol BEHOLD~

I like sharing the old Toonami promos because IN MY DAY we didn’t have youtube and anime wasn’t mainstream yet so Toonami was often our first exposure to different animes.  These promos were aimed squarely at kids like me and THEY WERE VERY SUCCESSFUL.

Tbh I’m a little embarrassed by how important GWing was to me both as a creative person and just as a person lol.  It was the first animated show I recall where yeah there was cool action, but I also got to see the characters develop mentally and emotionally.  I saw them deal with extreme psychological trauma privately (and sometimes publicly omg).  They were the first animated characters that felt “human” to me and there was NOTHING like this in most of the western cartoons I watched at the time.  Before GWing I didn’t know animation could be used to tell longer complex stories where characters had time to change and grow. 

Anyway Gundam Wing is not the greatest show ever (unless you ask 12yr old me lol) but it was a HUGE part of my childhood and the reason I pursued art at all… because I wanted to draw cool robots and tell angsty stories. o/