If you are an artist that draws from and/or takes commissions of Original Characters from the World of Warcraft, Final Fantasy XIV, or Star Wars the Old Republic Universes please listen up!

For the past few weeks I have been contemplating making a central tumblr page, called @art-unity ( which is currently a work in progress ), where people who are looking for commissions of their OC’s can have access to Art Blogs of all three genres. I know how frustrating it can be trying to look for all the various art blogs and with how many different styles are out there of course people want to broaden their horizons and see how much there is to choose from before settling. Or they are like me and simply love to just appreciate all the arts. That being said my goal is to help broadcast artists. The tumblr page will be a work in progress over time as I become more aware of other art blogs, but for now I will be filling it with people and content I already know of. 

This page is not solely for the purpose of finding artists with OPEN commissions. It is also to find blogs for the simple aspect of enjoying artist’s work pertaining to the different universes. 

What can be found on Art-Unity’s Page

– Clear direction as to what Art Blogs draw and take commissions of content pertaining to the specific universe you are looking for.

– Updated information as to who is open for commissions and who will be closing them with the help of artists keeping me informed that would like to partake.

– Giveaway/Prize Art Posts that have their own specific guidelines at a chance to win a free art piece of your OC for those who don’t have the finances for a commission. 

Extra Information 

This is just a temporary broadcast post to ( hopefully with the help of others ) be spread around the many communities. The more artists and people who see it the better. Below I am going to be tagging all the artists I currently know of whether or not they are open for commissions at this moment. Regardless of the context of this post I recommend giving them a follow and seeing the amazing art that is worth being viewed.

I- f you would like to be apart of this and are not tagged, please inbox me through this blog and I will be sure to include you on the main page. (Please please please do not be scared to message me. I would love to promote as many artists as I can with this and all art is great art. )

– If you are tagged but do not want to be part of this, please inbox me and I will remove you ASAP.


this is an amazing idea!!! check it out, peeps!