I only ever seem to see trans boy positivity for smol cute gay boys, so here’s to the trans men that tumblr doesn’t always seem to have love for.

To the trans men who are stereotypical Guys™. To those who express masculinity to the extreme, who don’t dye or style their hair, who are rugged and hairy, with no fashion sense, who struggle to express emotion and hate to cry, who only like action movies, who swear and shout because those are manly things to do.

Here’s to the trans men who have completely discarded and abandoned any trace of femininity, here’s to the trans men who are loud and obnoxious, who are stubborn, who talk too much, the trans men who are heterosexual, the trans men who have worried that they’re encouraging toxic masculinity. As long as you respect others, there’s nothing wrong with how you behave and present yourself!

As long as you’re comfortable and happy, if you’re behaving and/or dressing in a very masculine way for whatever reason – be it to lessen dysphoria, to pass, because it’s just you, or even just because you enjoy it, here’s to you. You deserve positivity and recognition as well. I think you’re great and i hope you have a great week!