So here’s the answer as to how Anudin was captured and brought forth to the Lich King. 

Anduin had heard that his father had been killed in the defense against Stormwind, but whispers reached his ears that his king was still alive. Desperate, Anduin escapes from his protective custody to see if these rumors are true, except they’re not true in the the way he had hoped.

Varian immediately uses Anduin’s confusion against him and attacks his son. Anduin prays to the light to resurrect his father and stop this madness, but it does not answer, prompting the young prince to be taken down quickly.

This is the moment when the light stops answering Anduin’s call, leaving the priest both devastated and confused as he is no longer able to wield it’s power. The Lich King uses this fact against Anduin in their torture sessions, making the prince incredibly bitter against the light and plummet into the use of Shadow magic,


turning himself into a being of the void.