Soooo…I may have made an AU for ShadowReaper Anudin, and then I may have planned several comics about it…yep.

In this AU the world has gone to shit. The Lich King was able to conquer the leaders of the Horde and Alliance, making some of them his Death Knights, and began to take over Azeroth.

This comic is after Anduin had to take down some wannabe heroes, unfortunately one of them was a paladin. In his shadow form Anduin can only receive damage from the light, anything else like swords and spells just phase right through him.

So shuffling away to secluded corner, Anduin tries to (for the millionth time) use the light again to heal, but to no avail. That’s when an Wrathion pops up from nowhere (He may have been stalking Anduin secretly for a few days) and decides to start a chat with the ex-prince.

Which then starts some crazy shit adventures between the two, whether they like it of not.