If you ever find yourself having difficulty writing a character without a romance plot (because most characters do end up with at least a B-plot romance in a lot of stuff), just give them a dragon friend.

Dragons for the ace characters.

Dragons for the aro characters.

Dragons for the characters too young for romance.

Dragons for the characters still recovering from abusive relationships.

Dragons for the characters you just plain don’t want a romance plot for.

Then any time you feel like having a plot element associated with romance, Dragon is there to take care of it. Want to have babies running around? Dragon has a nest. Want to have a torrid love affair? Dragon’s mating season has begun. Want to have hurt/comfort? Dragon is warm and good for resting beside and will eat your character’s enemies. Dramatic rescues? Dragon swoops in! Or needs rescuing. Either way. 

Dragon can take All The Tropes that you might not be able to mentally extricate yourself from, and you can let your romance-free character just go on about the business of having adventures and assassinating kings or whatever it is they’re primarily meant to be doing in the meanwhile.

And nobody can be like ‘idk this seems boring’ because it’s got a dragon in it. Foolproof.