So uh a few days ago on my personal blog I was getting excited about a craving I had for making a blue arakkoa. Worried it was too many birds (this is number five). And yet here we are, no regrets.

His name is Kirrin. He boasts about being from a long line of master jewelcrafters (”The very ones that taught goldsmithing to Terokk’s daughter!” – whether or not that’s a truth, they can’t dispute it since like all the old arakkoa history books are gone haha). He’s a high arakkoa, not a cursed one, and I love his feather-ponytail.

I’d been flip-flopping on his class but ultimately I’m going to go with Hunter. Both my other arakkoa boys are already leather-wearers, so I want something different, and I can give him this pet and say he made it himself. And if I ever have spare cash (lmao) I can faction change my undead hunter that I don’t care about, who is already lvl 100. Also, bird claw shoes!!!!

(But I did like the Druid mog I made for him as well and still wanted to show it off. He even has the same pants style as Vron and Talarik, and Vron’s gloves… too many leathers!)