Imagine drawing trans women OCs to garner followers and attention to your art so you can be seen as safe and inclusive and friendly to support, and then go behind everyone’s backs and be a slimy, vile transphobe with a secret blog where she’d post abt how predatory she thought trans women are

literally all marshmallowfury saw trans people as was dollar signs and publicity. thats it. 

and ppl whining abt how transterezi was bad for getting that info by “”betraying her trust”” as though thats not what she did to the LGBT+ ppl she exploited w her faux-inclusive art

I also wanna say, there’s nothing about her that I sympathize with.

I don’t think people should be sending death/rape threats (because that’s gross practice and we all know better), but you’re an idiot if you think someone who purposefully lured trans ppl to their art under the guise of being trans-friendly and inclusive and made friends with trans people just to go behind their backs and imply they’re predators and rapists deserves any kind of respect from anyone.

She lied to her friends. She lied to her fans. She exploited her LGBT+ following by smiling in their face so they could put money in her wallet while in the same breath would go on her nasty TERF blog and go on rants about how delusional and disgusting trans women are and how they want to rape and assault cis women.

While she doesn’t deserve death threats, she doesn’t deserve anybody’s respect, either. She’s a snake who lied and mislead everyone so she could take people’s money because she knew the backlash would take away her art income.