Knowing that straight people saw In A Heartbeat makes me uncomfortable. Like sure, they could be an ally or whatever but it’s still weird

Same tbh


like. honestly, this is stupid gatekeeping bullshit. we need to stop acting like any straight person who wants to watch LGBTQ media is ~fetishizing~ us. some people just want to watch bc they heard it was a cute movie. some are animation buffs. some maybe have friends who were interested and wanted to watch it too. like, unless someone is going up to a real life gay person/couple and demanding they reenact the fucking short film or being generally creepy (and no, that doesn’t fucking include asking if they’ve seen it), there’s no goddamn fucking fetishization going on goddammit

it’s not a fucking crime for a straight person to watch a queer movie

Having a story that revolves around gay characters that is widely-accessible to a general audience normalizes the presence of gay characters in media you absolute walnuts. This is especially critical for media that is made for and/or featuring children.

Look, I’m as critical of the sexualization of gay content as the next queer but


I know Tumblr likes to make you believe that, but straight white cis people aren’t demons. And saying that straight people can’t consume anything that is for queer people is irrationally stupid.

Stop. acting like this. This is what people think of when they talk shit about tumblr gays and I honestly can’t blame them.

OP is actually deleting the replies of anyone who responds negatively to this post, cos I guess having other queer people disagree with them just doesn’t sit well with them. 

Straight people consuming queer media is a good thing, and the idea that any straight person who does so is “fetishizing” or is automatically going to sexualize it and “uwu my gay trash babies” is so incredibly disingenuous and actively pushes straight folks away from queer media. That is not a good thing. The normalization of queer media is a necessary step forward. Straight people watching a small, cute short about how queer children can have innocent crushes on their peers is a good thing. 

Like, think about this a bit more critically OP and realize why gating off queer content only serves to isolate us further.