I am incredibly tired of this site these days. So, here’s a list of bullet points that I believe in, if you take issue feel free to unfollow:

  • A trans person does not inherently require self hating dysphoria to be trans.
  • Ace people are queer.
  • Queer is an acceptable term for LGBTQIA people.
  • wlw are not inherently better than mlm
  • mlm are not inherently better than wlw
  • No one is better, we’re all in the same boat just different seats as @mixterglacia likes to say.
  • People are allowed to vent about their personal experiences. Yes, even men. Yes, even if it’s about women. Yes, even if it’s about Tumblr.
  • Everyone deserves positivity in their lives somewhere.
  • People shouldn’t tell others to die.
  • Fiction and ships are not things people should harass others over.
  • Problematic themes in fiction, fantasy, or art are not inherently evil. And no not “Oh, yeah those are all fine but incest is evil” or “those are all fine but -this ship- is evil”. Problematic themes in general are not inherently evil. No caveats. Period.
  • Can there be issues? Absolutely. Should one proceed with caution? Absolutely! However they are not inherent evil things that taint people and make them horrible monsters for partaking of the content.
  • Sex education should be more of a thing.
  • Sex education should include queer kids.
  • Porn and nsfw art are not inherently bad though mainstream pornography does have rocky history and you should consider the companies you support.
  • Queer headcanons are fine and good but they’re not actual representation and someone not agreeing with your headcanon or headcanoning differently is not erasure.
  • Neither is headcanoning a queer character as straight or another orientation though one should, of course, consider why they headcanon them that way.
  • Your identity is your own to choose, determine, or identify. No one can tell you what you are or are not.
  • Blocking is good for you. Blocking also takes far less time than arguing with a rando on the internet who isn’t here to actually discuss anything but just wants to scream.
  • There’s really no point in arguing with the ones that just want to scream.
  • Callout posts, by and large, are a problem. Yes, there’s still one or two that I reblog normally if they’re incredibly extensive and the person is doing something that is actively harmful vs just “shipping something problematic”
  • Our use of buzzwords is killing their meaning…at least for this website. I’ve seen pedophile used to describe two adults over the age of twenty with an age gap. I’ve seen erasure used when people disagree with headcanons. People don’t give a shit about the actual words anymore. They just use them to feel more moral than others.
  • Tumblr, as a whole, is far less supportive and kind than it used to be. It’s also become, in many circles, far less educational.
  • Tumblr has a lot of radical feminist and terf logic seeping into various communities. People, for some reason, don’t see this as a problem.
  • Note I said radical feminist. Not just feminist. There’s nothing wrong with being a feminist. But radical feminism often goes 1000000000 miles in the wrong direction.

If any of this is poorly worded it’s because I woke up maybe an hour or so ago, haven’t had my coffee, and am beyond done.

a summary of my position, honestly.