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In the hall of the mountain king

the floofiest munchkin

why would anyone think its ok to breed a cat to look like this?

munchkin cats are a result of a naturally occurring genetic mutation, it’s not a result of cats having their legs bred down for their short size as is the case for daschunds. munchkin cats experience no physical deformities or abnormalities in their legs or as a result of their legs

I absolutely refused to believe that comment and went to look for myself. Turns out it’s true, munchkins are extremely healthy breeds. The mutation only affects health in the fetal stage, which means unhealthy kittens don’t survive to be born at all and never suffer. Rarely they experience a curvature of the spine called lordosis, and cats with this condition are very short-lived, but this isn’t unique to munchkins and can affect cats of all sizes.

So I’ve been railing against the breeding of munchkin cats for years for no reason, apparently. Sorry, cats.

Justice for munchkin owners

Best cat breed

I want two. @0maziqueen0