If you successfully reanimate somebody with their mind and body intact then don’t ever call yourself a necromancer. You’re a fucking cleric and don’t belong in our community.

this is lich-exclusionist and i will not have it, just cause i managed to keep my mind through the process of lichdom it doesn’t make me any less a necromancer, not only that the creation of a cadaver allows me to keep the minds of whoever i reanimate intact but still under my control, reapeat after me 👏IF 👏YOU 👏 REANIMATE👏WITH👏 CONSCIOUSNESS👏YOU 👏 ARE 👏 VALID👏

I am sick of liches derailing my post and making it all about them.

This is a post for necromancers and if you have cast off the shackles of mortality then you can’t still call yourself a necromancer. Undead and necromancer are mutually exclusive identities and if you are a lich you need to make your own community with vampires lords etc. and leave us the hell alone.

Oh and living thralls are NEVER valid. That is enchantment. Read a
grimoire, idiot.


There’s no valid definition of ‘necromancer’ that precludes liches or even master zombies. You don’t need a beating heart to raise the dead. In fact, necromancy is literally ‘knowledge of the dead’. You can’t get more knowledgeable than one who’s actually having pierced the veil of mortality. If you can speak to spirits, if you can raise the dead, you’re a fucking necromancer. 

Fucking zomb-exclusionary radical necros, I swear.

Oh, I guess you’re going to include clairvoyants, mediums, vampires and liches in your definition of necromancer now? What’s next, werewolves?

Just admit you hate dark magicians.

Lich please, I AM a dark magician. I was draining essence from stolen children when your grandfather’s grandfather was still trying to figure out how not to shit himself. I’ve commanded more zombarmies than you’ve ever even seen. 

And I’ve been a lich for longer than your coven’s entire existence. Ever hear of the Graywall Riots of 1837? I was there. I was one of the five who STARTED it. 

So let’s talk about your slippery slope fallacious examples. 

  • Clairvoyants don’t speak to the dead. They might be able to see or hear them, but there’s no two-way communication.
  • Mediums ARE necromancers. They may not feast on corpses, they may not command skeletons or create bloodbound golim, but they speak to spirits and that is by definition necromancy.
  • One can be a vampire AND a necromancer. They’re not exclusive. But as you said before (and this I agree with), living thralls are not valid; one’s minions MUST be raised from the dead to count.
  • Werewolves? Come on. You don’t seriously believe that bullshit from the SPCW about a werewolf’s victims haunting them? It’s all a load of crap designed to generate sympathy.