Guys, okay, I am freaking out. My dog, my sweet precious baby girl, was hit by a car today, and it broke her leg! I have her at the pet hospital, and it is going to cost around $500.00 USD, which I currently don’t have! The hospital is willing to work out a payment plan with me, but I still do not have that kind of money, and neither does my girlfriend. But the thing is, the minimum payment needed today is $60.00 USD, and all I currently have available and on me is $10.00 USD.

Please, I can’t loose my baby girl, and she is in critical condition, I have asked around here for help from friends, but I will need help in the long run as well to pay off the $500.00 USD.

If anyone at all can help, boost or donate, we will be eternally grateful. Lena, the doggo, has brought us both much comfort, and she is a part of the family. We don’t want to have to let her go~ 

Here is a link to my, if you can help out our baby girl, >> Donate <<