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What’s your zora’s fav food?

Mipha (angle ref)

Sidon1 / Sidon2 (angle ref)

Mermaid Design tag (inspo)

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Armour: search mermaid armor, merman armor, shell jewelry or mermaid jewelry on pinterest or google images!


A good and simple starter (freshwater/saltwater)


Aquarium Saltwater Fish (categories. click images to see different types of that species e.g click angelfish to see more types/colors like the flame angelfish)

Ocean Fish/Creatures

More Ocean Fish/Creatures

Deep Sea Fish

Terrifying Deep Sea Fish

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Every Single Fish (wiki)

Tip: if you’re not sure what to do, you can always turn one of your other oc’s into a zora. Search for fish species that match the characteristics of your
character. e.g if your oc is fiery, you’d could look for aggressive

thing with making zora oc’s is that yours will always end up unique thanks to different types of the same species, and the variety of
design options to choose from~ You can make them any combination of colour, any shape, pattern, or detail. You are the one that gives them individual appearances, characteristics and personalities. Plus this is a concept, so
knowledge of the game isn’t needed! Happy zora oc designing!! ^^