(Inspired by the ^ above image of Pirate Genn floating around the webs)

In an Alternate Universe, instead of isolationism Gilneas embraced expansionism and Archibald Greymane, rather than general industrialization, lead his people to advance specifically in maritime and nautical engineering.

Soon Gilneas’ frigates rivaled that of Kul Tiras and they set out to master the seas! They were unmatched; that is of course, until a young Prince Genn Greymane runs afoul of the most striking fiery redhead he had ever laid eyes on. Her name is Mia. Also, she’s a sea witch and she curses him cause he probably said something stupidly offensive. (He was young! And nervous! And babbling! You can’t fault a man for what he says when confronted by a buxom redhead…!)

She was probably attempting to turn him into a seal but instead he transforms into a (weirdly hot) were-shark. His crew is horrified. Genn is mildly inconvenienced. However! He has a plan! He will seduce the sea witch to convince her to change him back. His crew tell him that’s a terrible idea but he is Genn Bloody Greymane and he follows through on all his (poorly-thought-out) decisions!! His seduction is… weirdly successful…?? Mia is surprisingly into it. (Did I mention he was weirdly hot?)

Genn forgets why he was seducing her in the first place and doesn’t care. They make passionate love.  Also, somewhen during the seduction he totally masters his were-shark form and can shift back and forth with ease. His crew finds this Cool. Mia introduces Genn to the rest of her sea witch covenant and everyone then gets to be were-sharks. Mia and Genn later get married and have two weird little babies whom they lovingly name Liam and Tess. Everyone is happy!

(That is until the Night Elves show up to ruin everyones fun by saying that they’re using a forbidden form of the druid aquatic form made possible by the corrupted Trident of Elune. But no one wants to be an ugly-ass seal so Gilneas rebels and the Alliance has to step in but later everyone joins forces to repel the Forsaken Inquisition!)