Because life fucking hates me or something. x_x

basically it boils down to a combination of my job screwing up my hours AND my wisdom teeth wanting to fuck my face up.

and i got about 2 weeks to make a miracle happen…again…

right now, i’m trying to focus on not getting put out of this awesome apartment, that i just fucking moved into


►♥♥$10 linearts!!! ♥♥◄

hells yea~ the easiest and fastest thing i can do considering my work schedule right now. Let’s get the details and examples down, yea?


[pic links for refs: 1 2 3 4 5 6 ]

i’ll send you a nice high-res pic you can do whatever the hell you want with. (just don’t say you drew it or some shady shit >_>) i’m also aiming to do about 3 at a time, mostly drawing on Thursdays since i’ll have the most free time then. just to give you a little time table of sorts.

payments are going through my Paypal acct. (i’ll send it to you and all)

feel free to message me or whatnot if you have any questions and such. despite me being a cold-hearted old bastard i’m actually pretty chill.

and will give you cookies…if i can… = u=;;;

[the Fireteam so far…]:

1. @afairlypudgycat
2. _____
3. _____

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