My german friend doesn’t believe in Roombas

He thinks we’re making it up and hes very angry about it

Hes accusing us of making fake amazon pages

He thinks they’re bullshit and says if we really had them why would we need maids

How do i tell him we mostly dont have maids

“Bro, we don’t have maids.”

So i said “only rich people really have maids”

And he said “why?”

“Maids are expensive”

“Just pay a kid 10€ an hour to clean”

Thats EXPENSIVE and also illegal, buddy

Child labor laws are a thing

He still thinks roombas are a lie

So it turns out in germany they use vacuum cleaners for like, the drapes and shit

So he didnt understand that roombas only clean the floor

He was angry because he thought we were claiming we had wall crawling robots

Now hes mad about dusters because vacuums are more efficient so why would we use feathers on a stick

Oh man don’t tell him about Swiffer brand

I did and he is literally crying with rage

Like i can hear his voice quivering

Holy shit my guy you are actually ruining this mans will to live.