Hi!  Shane here! I am opening up pet commissions! (Cat on bottom is my mood, not an example xD)

A couple months back I decided to replace my last roomie who moved out. It just makes bills easier. I posted an ad for an LGBT safe space and a young man came by. He acted very proper, and really liked the space. I didn’t feel it was my place to ask where he was on the spectrum.

So I’ve come to find out several things about this roomie.

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So it’s looking like by some weird cloud-parting godsend, my roomie is looking to move out on his own. Says he’s sick of this city. Saves me some stress!

I still am gonna have to full-field the bills for myself for a bit, so please boost! <3  I need like 600 bucks for rent -_-  (I suck)

I still need a lot of help. I’m sorry to beg guys 🙁