So, someone told me that one of my friends is calling me out on lore breaking because my main, Dar’garok Icefist, had a metal leg. Now I’ve had this rp for almost 2 years, and Ive known him that long, yet no one has said anything.

The metal leg is there because his leg was cut off by humans while he was resisting capture. The leg itself only lets him walk and run, and occasionally boost (rocket boots/blazing speed). To me I feel thats ok, I mean its not like hes a cyborg, just an orc with a handicap.

So I ask any of you rpers: Is rping an orc with a metal leg considered bad rp or lore breaking

My dude, my man. If one of your friends is upset over a metal leg when wow has werewolves in space using actual NUCLEAR WEAPONS they aren’t a very good friend.

My human has a prosthetic arm and no one has said anything about it to me except good things

Let’s ask Kargath Bladefist how he feels about your friend’s statement on orcs with metal limbs


Yeah I think it’s pretty silly too, Kargath