since wood elves would p much just be nelves except green w/ red hair, we’re gonna cover snow elves and sand elves.

snow elves would be much bigger and stronger, with super tough skin that provides them with more than enough protection from the elements. their primary god is probably a well of eternity-altered quetz’lun, who has become a mother god of storms and wind and weather. they’d still have big cat mounts buuuut now they’re leopards or like, the mana saber equivalent of one.

meanwhile sand elves would be smaller and comparatively weaker, buuuut have almost limitless endurance. they can go like stupid amounts of time w/o food or water and still be kicking. they got black teeth which they attribute to their patron god, a water goddess in the form of a hydra, who also has black teeth. they’re probably still people-eaters but it’s more of a soylent green thing where they’re more recycling than actively seeking out to eat people. meat is meat, okay.