Thanks for the better photo of her blog [ @pyra-mugetsu ]. It is really shocking to see that I’ve lost followers on my main blog because I DO NOT condone art stealing. I have spent years developing this character. As @thescarredshandos has spent with his rogue. If she could kindly remove this image and the tags from her post than I will be more than happy to give her a second chance.

Using MY paid commission work for your OC is an offensive thing to do. I honestly am applaud at the behavior this woman gave. 

Tagging the wonderful artist that did this piece @spectr00m

Stealing art is like stealing someone else’s intellectual property. This offends me not only as the author of the drawing above I spent literally hours working on, but also an rp player. We get really emotionally attached to our characters, so stick to face claims, “inspirations”, draw your own stuff or commission others to do it for you, but DON’T STEAL PEOPLE’S BABIES.

But.. it looks like they reblogged from the artist? The only shifty thing it looks like they did is tag with their characters and while awful it’s something the artist and you need to work out with that person, instead of calling them out publicly, which isn’t a nice thing to do, to be honest.

It just isn’t art theft. It was reblogged.

It IS something iffy with intellectual rights with the characters themselves, but it isn’t illegal, and instead of calling a public witchunt (which can be harrassment, just as a note), instead please get the artist and yourself to talk with them on a private level.

And most importantly, don’t take such an aggressive tone. You’ll make people defensive faster than you can say ‘naughty’. They need a gentle explanation of why it hurt you, not an an attack.

This is…absolutely not art theft. If I had a nickel for every time someone reblogged one of my more popular art posts with their own OC’s, or as kin, or whatever…

Like yeah, it’s annoying, but it’s pretty standard behavior here on tumblr dot hell. If you want to dissuade it, make a habit of posting your artwork with a note to please NOT tag said piece with their own OC’s. People generally respect that, and if they don’t, THEN you can witch hunt them all you like.

Its quite rude, but since by posting it you gave permission for people to re-blog your posted art it’s definitely not art theft at all. 

And really if someone tagging posts like that offends OP that much, they shouldn’t be making call out posts before actually messaging the person in question and asking them to not tag like that.