there’s an educational trivia game at the citadel on the exhibits on different planets called “Dog or Not?” that shows pictures of various four legged mammals and asks if they’re a breed of dog.

it was mainly for kids to learn about the diversity of earth’s flora and fauna but it became popular with adult aliens too and had to be shut down after almost causing no less than three diplomatic incidents.

they brought it to the nexus and it’s caused two more so far

“That’s definitely a dog.” “Incorrect. This is actually an animal called a ‘raccoon’” “What? No! It’s got the ears and the tail!”

“Okay, okay, I got this. That’s not a dog. It’s way too big it’s uhhh I think humans call them bears.” “Incorrect. This is a dog breed called a ‘newfoundland’” 

‘That is… that is? not?’ *Looks at host hopefully* *Host’s skin flickers an encouraging blue.* ‘That is not a dog?’

‘Correct! That’s a wolf! It’s a wild relative of the dog – no, wait, we’re getting some new information in here. The wolf is the ancestor of the creature humans call a “dog”. The humans took populations of wild wolves, tamed them, and selectively bred them to produce dogs.’

‘… They did what?’