Fic where all of the Avengers are trying to teach tech stuff to Steve (especially Tony who just gets so annoyed at his apparent tech incompetence) but he just seems super hopeless at it until one day one of them stumbles across a youtube account that’s filled with a series of videos titled ‘How Long Can I Keep My Friends Convinced I Have No Idea What Technology Is’ and it turns out he’s been gaming them for YT hits for months.

“How do I make the Google do the thing” has over 30 million hits alone. 

@copperbadge why is this screaming your name? 🙂

It works even better if you put it in a universe where they all have secret identities, so rather than Captain America conning, say, Hawkeye, it’s just some super built dude who for some reason (probably that he’s blond) is vastly underestimated by his equally anonymous friends. A debate rages constantly in the comments about whether that guy IS Tony Stark or just a ringer. 

a.  Steve’s username is brooklyn1917 and the top question he keeps getting is “Are you really Captain America?”   The other question is “Please tell us if you’re actually Chris Evans.” 

b.  Steve eventually makes a video to address these two questions.  Except he basically spends the video laughing for like five minutes and then just smiles this ACTUAL LITTLE SHIT GRIN and then goes, “No, I’m not Chris Evans.”  It drives his fans into a frothing frenzy.

c.  After the “How Do I Make Google Do The Thing” debacle, the next most popular videos are “How Do I Get My Email Through YouTube?” and “Why is My Email Not in My Mailbox Outside My Door?”  There are varying reactions among the Avengers for this.  Natasha’s “I’m Going to Kill You Very Slowly™” Face is terrifying.  Clint’s “There Is Not Enough Coffee In the World” Lament is priceless.  And Tony…. well.  Tony’s Rant is Lord of the Rings Epic with Fan Fiction thrown in.  

d.  Thor is the first person to figure out that Steve is a Little Shit™ and totally joins him on the Trolling.

e.  Bruce was the one who actually discovered the YouTube channel.  He was promptly bribed into silence by copious amounts of Sarah Rogers’ Patented Chocolate Fudge Magic Brownies™. 

f.  Bruce’s favorite video is the Instagram Saga, in which Steve Rogers Has Everyone Else Convinced That He Thinks This Is Really a Telegram Service. 

g.  Currently, Sam Wilson is about to be bribed into keeping silence and to aid and abet any and all shenanigans. 

h.  Peter Parker is one of Steve’s number one fans and is responsible for feeding Steve more ideas in his YouTube comments.