It’s that time again my friends! In just over a month I’m leaving my city and travelling cross-country to finally be with my boyfriend; it’s be a long five years but it’s happening at least!

Now that university is finished, I’m opening up commissions to add some extra pennies to my purse to make the move that little bit easier, and because I want to give back, I have a special sale for you!

Characters wearing lounge wear or underwear will recieve a 10% discount from the stated price. This only applies to ¾ and full body commissions and is applied at my discretion.

Want you blood elf in some Quel’thalas themed undies? What about night elf in some Darnassian fines? Let me draw them!

All commissions are in the style of this or thisand backgrounds are currently not available. You can see more examples of my art in my art tag here. I swear I can do more than just elves, but please ask me about trolls or orcs and I will not draw worgen or tauren.

Send commission enquiries to with the subject title commission enquiry. Please do not message me on here or discord regarding your commission.

All payments will be through PayPal and in GBP (£). I will invoice you for the full amount once I have accepted your commission. You can find my Terms of Service here, by commissioning me you agree you have read and accept these terms.