“Why do we pray? There is a transparent answer. It is to strengthen our connection with the Light and the universe. You wish to hear the intricate answer? Very well. The Light is not an entity or being that we worship, it is a force within is, in our hearts. It is not unusual to hear those that pray to the Light expecting a response, it is difficult for those that are not taught the faith and virtues to understand and determine exactly what the Light does.

Using forgiveness as an example, the Light cannot forgive you, you must find it within yourself to forgive your own dilemmas. It is an intensely arduous, ambitious and challenging task and there are Priests that can offer assuage. That is what we train here for. To advise, comfort and guide you. 

Therefore to pray, is to strengthen our faith. When we pray we meditate on wonderful memories of love, passion and joy. We feel the Light embrace us like the heat of a warm summers day.”