here’s my definitive “overwatch chars who are furries or not” list

ana – nope, but is aware of furry fandom
bastion – has no idea about it, or indeed robotsonas
d.va – has a public bunny fursona for marketing purposes. secretly cultivates a very detailed beesona through an account she has gone to every effort to hide her connection to. sombra knows it’s her anyway
genji – nope. the dragon thing is just symbolic for him. only knows about furry fandom because of…
hanzo – absolutely, definitely has a dragonsona, and also maintains a wolf fursona. he commissions vore fetish art for both of them (”Let the dragon/wolf consume you!”)
junkrat – surprisingly not. roadhog designed a rat fursona for him once and he was like “haha yeah neat” and then promptly forgot it ever existed
lucio – like d.va, has a frog fursona for marketing purposes, but has put sincere work into making it an actual character. he’s considering creating a concept album about the adventures of his frogsona
mcree – generally confused by the concept
mei – is aware of and enjoys cute furry art, but doesn’t have a fursona
mercy – would rather not think about it
orisa – aware. confused by it because she is 1 month old
pharah – maintains multiple furry characters and at least 1 robotsona
reaper – used to have a crow fursona but doesn’t think about that kind of thing anymore
reinhardt – had a lion fursona as a child
roadhog – dude fights in his fucking fursuit what do you goddamn think. also has a sharksona
soldier:76 – no. if he had one it would probably be a fucking wolf because he’s boring as shit
sombra – is not one but knows about everyone else’s
symmetra – nope
torbjorn – god no
tracer – no. emily is though
widowmaker – spidersona, Duh
winston – is a gorilla
zarya – bear fursona
zenyatta – has a robotsona. genji has explained to him that this isn’t how it works. zenyatta won’t listen

would winston have a skinsona

you know what? yes.