do you ever draw something SOOO self indulgent and dirty u just have to take a moment and be like

Because gay people are dirty and erotic and disgusting and drawing them is sinful and shameful and naughty.

lmao hi, i’m OP

1. i’m queer.

2. this post was about kinky transformers porn.

3. tbh its hilarious how wrong you are lmao fuck off.

Hey, @b0ssbot Not everyone is psychic like you must believe yourself to be.

So, the probably kid was hypervigilant. I’m a homo-leaning-bi Asian male and I interact with Japanese comic fandom. I get it all around. It happens with enough mistreatment.

Most queer shipping content in fandom is made by straight fetishising human garbage. Yeah, some of us write ero, too–I follow a guy who does throw ero scenes in his stuff on another site.

But we have been so pushed out by the fetishits, it can be easy to assume everyone you see is one.

So, the kid didn’t go look at your blog and jumped off the cuff a bit.

They’ve probably been so inundated with fetishits that it’s all they’ve seen.

You could have not been a jerk and said “hey, yeah, I know we hardly get to participate in fandom, but I am actually just talking about writing robots of my own gender (I’m gonna assume since I don’t know Transformers or you and I’ve actually known some queer women like personally treat queer guys like dirt–pets, accessories, and vice versa, wish I could link to a particular think piece of that–and regardless, INTERNALISED QUEERPHOBIA IS A THING, and I really don’t know if you are saying the same as the straights or if you’re just saying “I’m writing robot sex wtf” and frankly, I really don’t care)

All I care about is it costs absolutely the same amount of time to say “hey, I know there’s a lot of nasty fetishits out there, but actually I’m queer myself and I was just pondering how weird it was that I wrote about robots having sex! I’m not gonna be mean about you having been through so much crap in fandom that it’s left you hypervigilant–sorry for the confusion!”

You could have, yanno, NOT BEEN A COLLOSAL JERK ABOUT IT.

But here we are.

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