Jesse McCree is, like, AMAZINGLY good at stealth. That’s why he was recruited to Blackwatch. When he wants to, he can move perfectly silently. 

This was an asset in the field, but it was becoming a serious problem on the base, because you had all these trained soldiers with hair-trigger reflexes who reacted badly to people appearing suddenly behind them.

They ended up making him wear spurs so they could keep track of him. If he ever takes them off he’s a ghost. 

The spurs are a cat bell I can’t believe it

yeah but i bet they had to make him think it was HIS idea or else he wouldn’t do it

Jack: The cowboy thing is ridiculous. Next thing I know you’ll be wearing spurs
Jesse: …………………
Gabriel, a few feet away muttering into his walkie talkie: Target successfully influenced, should I press it
Ana: No. Give it time. It has to be organic.