(via simonlauchlan)

I don’t understand this weird new trend where we all pretend we just figured out corporate social media is an advertising tool. Like we’ve been lied to or something, and believed Denny’s started a tumblr just to hang out with us. It’s truly bizarre. And then the other half of the trend, where we just sort of yell at or try to mock the social media accounts as an anti-capitalist statement is just as weird but for a different reason… These accounts obviously aren’t run by like, the CEOs of the company. The only people seeing these ‘sick burns’ are the social media staff, who have nothing to do with all the unsavory shit we all despise about corporations. They’re probably underpaid, and their literally job is just “Hey make a funny informal ad” or “Hey interact with human beings”. It’s the online equivalent of doing this shit to cashiers at stores. Can you imagine that? Some cashier is like “Have a nice day” and someone responds “Your false corporate kindness is TRANSPARENT” and then screenshots it to brag about it later? It’s really super weird.