The difference between the dialogue that Reaper uses mostly to his own team vs what the other team usually hears is so funny to me, every time I play?

Like, you know how a member of your team is more likely to use the english version of their line but you hear the native language one in killcams from the person who killed you’s perspective, stuff like that? Well, we always talk about the super edgelord voice lines that enemy reapers are more likely to use, but his alternate set is SO like, aggressively apathetic + businesslike, and it kills me. Like

Enemy Gabe teleporting:  “ D̡e͠҉at̷̕h̡͠ ̷͠c̛o͞m͝e̸͢s̡s̸͏…҉̛  ”
Friendly Gabe: “…repositioning.”

or especially with ults, it’s like: 

Enemy Gabe: -descends out of friggin nowhere- DĮ̶E̵͠,̶ ̛D͘͡IE͢,͘ ̀D̶̡͟I͟͞E͞͏!̴!́҉!̡́!̡͡!͘!͠͏!!̸̵  (strobe lights, jesse is crying, linkin park playing, etc)
Freindly Gabe: “…..Clearing the area.” v softly over the comm thingies. U turn to ask what he said and. the enemy team all just died. when did he do that.