• turning into a swarm of rats mid sentence while talking to someone
  • debating with your friends what bloodtype a human is based on arbitrary things (ie: “see, he just picked his nose when he thought no one was looking DEFINTELY a type-O” “oh fuck off we both know thats an AB move”)
  • citing “conservation of mass” as the reason you can turn into one (1) wolf but several rats or bats
  • Counting The Ceiling Tiles Game, Extreme Version (or, for that matter, ANY counting game, Extreme Version)
  • holding entire conversations with someone while standing on the ceiling and vehemently avoiding acknowledging or explaining why you are on the ceiling
  • almost getting yourself killed because you just couldnt stand not knowing what garlic bread tasted like even a second longer
  • “i need an entire extra closet, just for my eccentric cloaks” “what about your eccentric coats?” “two extra closets-” “what about your eccentric shawls?” “three extra closets-” “what about-” (repeat for as long as your friend can keep coming up with swishy articles of clothing)

feel free to add more

  • telling knock knock jokes while actually knocking at the door until the owner of the house you are trying to enter gets tired enough to give up and invite you in
  • looking in the mirror and loudly announcing “oh my god i look AMAZING”

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