Wow roleplayers: if you roleplay a dragon your character must be under cover 100% of the time and never say they’re a dragon!!

Dragons in the actual game: hello mortal I am dragon mcdragonfuck and I sure love being a dragon. By the way did I mention that I’m a dragon?

Just reblogging this again for good measure to fuck with the wow RPers that still follow me and care about this.

If I can add something.

Wow roleplayers: If you RP a Dragon you have to follow their typical behavior EXACTLY, there are NO exceptions.

Dragon in the actual game: Yeah I’ve just been hanging around with these moose people for millennia, helping them out with their stuff lol

They’re also usually in the middle of bumfuck no where, though, commissioning a famous adventurer to help them with their mission. That’s kind of a far cry from hanging out in bars for the express purpose of getting laid or hulking out into dragon form over a pissing match

It doesn’t help that the latter make up the majority of those who aren’t at least trying to be incognito

Malygos literally woke up from a dragon coma and had a rage quit that mortals learned how to use magic so he made the entire blue dragon flight hellbent on killing every last mage. 

Also Wrathion literally is a dragon who hangs out in a bar and “hulks out” over a pissing match near the end of the legendary questline. 

Or sometimes they just hang out in Orgrimmar