Remember the little Warden wannabe from a previous ask? Well, I was dabbling with the concept and molded the character a bit more.

His name is Berrist, the second youngest of a family of six, all sisters – and all either Sentinels or Wardens. His mother was as strict as they come and so devoted to raising warriors that she kicked out his father after birthing Berrist, her only son, for basically breaking the continuity. His mother tried to encourage Berrist to become a druid or a mender, any other role more suited for his gender at the time, but he admired his older sisters and insisted to be a warrior as they were. 

Berrist wants to be a Warden, legit as they come, but as Wardens can only be women the best young Berrist managed to ascend was first as a normal combatant during the succeeding conflicts across Azeroth, then as a Watcher under Jarod Shadowsong – and a low-ranking one at that in relation to the rest of his female comrades.  Though he knows his ambition is an uphill longshot, maybe even impossible, Berrist is determined to try as hard as he can to, perhaps one day, stand alongside the noble Wardens ridding the good world of evil and demons.