carrie fisher didn’t get laid to rest in a prozac-shaped urn for us not to take our meds…………. so take your meds

i kno posts like this are meant to be positive and nice but like… medications arent a nice pure glass of water theyve got all sorts of social and historical baggage. uwu stay medicated is not a trend we should be getting on

Okay but I don’t care about nebulous baggage, I care about my neurochemical state permitting me to retain executive function so I can be a relatively competent human being who feels like life is pretty okay at least some of the time. So I will absolutely uwu stay medicated and the many other people whose lives would be better if they took their meds should absolutely uwu stay medicated, and I wish to strongly urge everyone else to uwu stop and think critically before you blithely parrot baseless handwringing rooted in the bizarre social stigma against literally just taking medicine for illnesses.

Thanks for reading, have a nice day, ooh woo take ur fuckin meds

tumblr user broliliquy for the fuckin kill

Take your fucking meds.

If you need them, you need them and there is no shame in that. Irritates the hell out of me when someone tries to guilt trip you for taking your medications. Oh no, social implications of my taking a pill that keeps me from seeing bugs crawling out of my skin is more important than me.. you know.. not seeing bugs crawl out of my skin.

Now if you were talking ‘do I want to see bugs, or do I want my heart to seize up and stop beating’, then we can talk about me not taking a particular medication and swapping to something that won’t kill me and will help me. Also ilu Broliliquy.