We give Japanese cartoons a hard time for recycling the same episode premises in every show, but if you think about it, not only do North American cartoons do the same thing, our stock episode premises are weird as hell.


Japanese cartoons have beach episodes.

American cartoons have that episode where the protagonist accidentally creates a whole bunch of duplicates of himself, all of whom later die horribly, with the last one standing giving the protagonist some valuable bit of life advice just before expiring.

Japanese cartoons have tournament episodes.

American cartoons have that episode where the focus character misuses time travel and accidentally erases herself, then goes on a tour of a world where she never existed and discovers that everything is terrible, because apparently her presence was literally the only thing holding back the Apocalypse.

Some Japanese cartoons have that episode where they parody Alice in Wonderland

American cartoons have that incredibly weird trope where something inside of them that shouldn’t be there, so their friends shrink down and go into their body to get it out and inevitably get attacked by the immune system