Hey guys. We’re looking for a few more raiders to fill out our Mythic roster. We’re a fairly casual progression guild – with two 3-hour raid nights a week, Wednesday and Sunday, plus one optional alt night – but do expect full attendance (advanced-notice absences aside) and for people to pull their weight.

We’re 3/10M Nighthold right now. We are mostly in need of ranged DPS (we would love a Mage), a DPS with a strong/comfortable tank spec, and a DPS with a strong/comfortable healing spec.

We are not looking for Projects – people who have little Mythic raiding experience, or who need to be fully geared out still. You need to be raid-ready upon acceptance.

New applicants are initially trialed on Heroic mode, so cross-server is possible for that. You’ll likely need to transfer over for Mythics, we’re on a very low-pop server.

If you’re interested, comment here, drop me a line, whatever, and I’ll send along a link to our Application page. (I just don’t want to leave a link in a tumblr post). Note: You will need past combat logs.

(Signal boosts are appreciated, if you know people who are mythic raiders.)