-You see a funny post. After you read it, you move your cursor to the like button. It is already red. You have never seen that post before.

-Your dash is filled with strangers. Maybe you knew them once, but you cannot remember that time.

-Someone has sent you a message. “I would appreciate it if you would go to my page and try out my game!” You block them and delete the message. A few minutes later, you have a new message.

-There is a new update. There is a new update. There is a new update. Everything looks the same. The users are outraged.

-You complain to your friends about how much you hate Tumblr. “Why do you still use it, then?” You start to sweat. You’ve already said too much.

-You scroll through your dashboard. Your eyes glaze over. You no longer see the posts. You keep scrolling.